Primary Care Capacity Project

About the Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI)
Founded in 1997, The Louisiana Public Health Institute’s mission is to promote and improve the health and quality of life in Louisiana through public-private partnering at the community, parish and state levels. By fostering collaborative endeavors in the areas of health information, public policy, applied research, and community capacity enhancement, LPHI works to develop community-oriented solutions that improve the health of the Louisiana population. For more information, visit
The purpose of the Primary Care Capacity Project (PCCP), 
directed by Joe Kimbrell of the Louisiana Public Health Institute, is to expand access to integrated high quality, sustainable, community-based primary care with linkages to specialty mental and behavioral health and environmental and occupational h​​ealth services in the specified 17 Gulf Coast counties and parishes. The key program
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strategies include: (1) Building community health center (CHC) capacity through direct funding via cooperative agreements to community health centers and delivering customized group and individual technical assistance; (2) supporting and advancing health systems development through direct funding for health information exchanges, infrastructure investments and technical assistance; and (3) enhancing the capacity of communities and building strategic partnerships to improve health through funding state partners, the Community-Centered Health Home Demonstration Project, partnership engagement activities, and technical assistance to non-clinical partners.
PCCP is funded  through $46.7 million of GRHOP funds. It will establish a regional health partnership across the 4 states to improve capacity and infrastructure   for  delivering  high quality/value  health  care. The project will help  community  health  clinics  advance  toward greater access to care quality ​sustainability through the use of evidence-based best practices aninnovative health information technology solutions.​

The key components of the Primary Care Capacity Project are: 

Building   Community  Health
Capacity by…

  • Improving quality and effectiveness 
    of   health  care  services  consistent with   evidence-based  practice  and the patient-centered medical home  (PCMH)   model

  • Improving sustainability of
    community health clinics as
    business entities and increased
    organizational capacity based  on
    FQHC and PCMH models

  • Establishing a regional care collaborative that supports integration of services

  • Enhancing sustainability of systemic changes and collaboration among providers as a group

  • Improving community disaster preparedness and resiliency

  • Advancing the implementation of the Community-Centered Health Home Model​​

PCCP recent accomplishments include:

  • Final performance year agreements with directly funded coastal primary care practices, state partnership agreements with the 4 primary care associations, and state based systems projects continue to be implemented across LA, MS, AL, and FL.

  • PCCP presented the quarterly Regional Care Collaborative (RCC) webinar on May 19, 2017, which focused on implications of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) for community health centers.

  • The Greater New Orleans PCCP Quality Incentive Initiative (GNOPQii), a two-year subproject of PCCP, closed as planned on June 30, 2017. The 11 participating FQHCs in the Greater New Orleans region received notice of their final incentive award and also participated in a final interview as part of the project’s evaluation. The project provided LPHI, key program partners and participants with many learning opportunities on the utilization of actionable, clinical data provided through health information exchange to advance population health efforts.

  • The PCCP team completed two pilot technical assistance engagements that aligned with the UDS quality incentive measures with Mostellar Medical Center and Escambia Community Clinic (ECC). Both health centers reported improvements on at least one of their selected clinical quality measures. The PCCP team remains hopeful that the participating health centers will achieve increased award amounts through the 2016 UDS Quality Incentive Awards program.

Supporting   and   Sustaining   Community   Health   Assessment,   Planning,   and
Implementation by...

  • Supporting comprehensive regional assessment of community health needs to inform priority-setting, policy-making, assets cataloguing, health strategy development and baseline for setting community health objectives and measuring change over time​

  • Engaging local and state partners to determine community health assessment and community health improvement planning needs

  • Increasing capacity to develop, implement and/or support Communications Strategies within communities

  • Increasing capacity to develop and manage public and private partnerships


  • Increasing PCMH recognition, increasing the number of patients served (unduplicated patients), and increasing clinical staffing capacity (FTEs) across the Coast within the last quarter


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