Coordinating Committee

The Settlement Agreement established the Gulf Region Health Outreach Program (GRHOP) Coordinating Committee to ensure that the respective GRHOP projects function in a cooperative and integrated manner and have reasonable flexibility to adjust their respective implementations to respond to changed needs and circumstances.
The Coordinating Committee meets in-person on a quarterly basis, and includes representatives from the projects as well as 3 unaffiliated members. In addition, Medical Benefits Class Counsel and BP representatives may attend the quarterly meetings of the Coordinating Committee as observers and at their own expense in accordance with Section IX.G.6 of the Medical Settlement Agreement.
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Non-Affiliated Members

Dr. Ayanna V. Buckner,

Chair Community Health Cooperative

Dr. Leslie M. Beitsch

Florida State University

Dr. Bernard D. Goldstein,
University of Pittsburgh
Primary Care Capacity Project
Joseph D. Kimbrell,
Louisiana Public Health Institute
Community Involvement
Stephen Bradberry,
Alliance Institute

Community Health Workers Training Project
Dr. J. Steven Picou,
University of South Alabama

Dr. G. David Johnson,
University of South Alabama

Mental and Behavioral Health Capacity Project
Dr. Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling,
University of South Alabama

Dr. Howard Osofsky,
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Dr. Joy Osofsky,
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Dr. Timothy Rehner,
University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Glenn Rohrer, University of West Florida

Environmental Health Capacity Project
Dr. Maureen Lichtveld,
Tulane University

Dr. Katherine Kirkland,
Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics

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