Community Involvement

Alliance Institute, led by Stephen Bradberry, worked in cooperation with GRHOP Project Leaders to coordinate community involvement and outreach efforts within each of the GRHOP-eligible states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.
To achieve its goals, Alliance Institute sub-contracted with local Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to assist in outreach and community/GRHOP project coordination. In addition, Alliance Institute used this opportunity to increase the capacity of its sub-grantees to more effectively work with their target communities to address issues related to access to health care and overall community quality of health.
Alliance Institute carried out its Community involvement objectives through two regularly occurring events:
  1. Community Meetings – these offered community members an ongoing venue through which they can assess, discuss, and evaluate GRHOP, their local health center, and the projects operating under GRHOP. In addition, these community meetings served as a platform for the identification of health related community issues, work with GRHOP partners, and health literacy.
  2. State Health Coalitions – comprised of the local CBO, GRHOP partners, participating health centers, as well as in-state partners and strategic allies, these coalitions served as the mechanism through which health related community issues could be shared with those having the greatest ability to  address them; as well as provided information to communities regarding health related issues occurring at the city/town, county/parish, or state level that impact the current state of health care and health care delivery.

Significant Accomplishments

Alliance Institute's accomplishments include:

  • Disbursed approximately $1,700,000 in grants to community based organizations (CBOs) across four Gulf States, including eight (8) in Louisiana, four (4) in Mississippi, three (3) in Alabama, and three (3) in Florida;


  • Provided community organizing training and capacity building assistance to achieve the goal of increasing economic and social equity through community engagement;


  • Established a Regional Coalition to examine and address issues with insurance in disaster prone areas;


  • Developed partnerships between CBOs and GRHOP partners, as well as local community health clinics; and


  • Hosted a number of events across the Gulf States, including:  


    • "Affordable Care Act and Access to Health Care Along the Gulf Coast: A Symposium",


    • Community involvement trainings for the Community Health Worker program, and


    • Regional Community Involvement Convening to network, build programming skills, and focus on collaborative strategies.


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